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Who We Are

The Chuckanut Conservancy, formerly known as the North Cascades Corridor Project, received its 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status from the IRS in 2000. The name of the organization was officially changed in 2007, although its objectives remain the same. Since its inception, the Chuckanut Conservancy's primary purpose in life has been to work toward protection of the best remaining wildlands in the Chuckanut Range, including, of course, Blanchard Mountain.

We also believe that the region extending from the Chuckanuts to Mount Baker and the great wilderness beyond deserves a much stronger conservation emphasis than what has been afforded over the years. Through public education, science, and advocacy, we are hopeful that the most sensitive lands can be protected for their extensive recreational, scenic and environmental benefits to surrounding communities.

This does not mean turning everything into parks and preserves. For example, working farms and forests, if managed well, can help discourage sprawl while also sustaining our communities and the high quality life we enjoy. However, it is critical that we not become so infatuated with "working landscapes" that we fail to set aside the most valuable lands for parks and preservation. Wherever possible, protected lands should be linked by habitat corridors in locations where they will do the most good. Trails and greenway corridors can sometimes, but not always, help achieve this objective. Over the long term, we can help create a mosaic of protected lands and corridors where people can live, work and play without further degrading the environment and our quality of life.

As one of the most endangered landscapes in Northwest Washington, the Chuckanut Mountains will continue to be the primary focus of our efforts over the next several years. We hope you will support this work by making a contribution today.

2010 Officers:

President: Seth Fleetwood
Treasurer: Tom Wake
Executive Director: Ken Wilcox

Contact us:


2007-2010 - Chuckanut Conservancy . PO Box 4003 . Bellingham WA . 98229